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Chiara Tamburlini: A rising star in professional golf

Updated: May 8

During her first year as a professional golfer, Chiara Tamburlini has demonstrated remarkable progress and achievement, showcasing her talent and dedication on the course. At the age of 24, Chiara embarked on her professional journey in August last year with a determined mindset. 


After turning professional, Chiara wasted no time in making her mark on the LET Access Tour. Securing victories in her first and third competitions, Chiara's stellar performance paved the way for her LET tour card, setting the stage for what promises to be a promising career. 


Since joining the LET, Chiara has continued to impress with her consistent performance on the course. Achieving four top-10 finishes in just seven tournament starts, including her previous win at the Joburg Ladies Open, Chiara has proven herself as a rising star in women's golf. 

“It is so amazing what I have been able to achieve so far. All the places I have already seen and all the people I have already met really made my first couple of months so much fun. Even though the season started faster and better than what I had anticipated, I am really hungry to go and achieve some more things this season and see how far I can bring it.” Chiara 

Currently ranked number 1 in the rookie of the year standings, Chiara's achievements speak volumes about her potential. While the official rookie of the year ranking will be determined at the end of the season, Chiara's current standing reflects her stellar performance thus far. 


We at Creekhouse are proud to be a part of Chiara's team, which is built with the support of dedicated sponsors who are excited to follow her journey. With a packed schedule and an exciting year ahead, Chiara is poised to build upon her success and make her mark on the world stage. 

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